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Nug Lug- The TECH FREE Modern Entertainment Travel System To Captivate Your Child's Imagination and Creativity!

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What is the Nug Lug?

The NugLug is a TECH FREE, modern, modular, travel entertainment system designed to captivate children and keep them engaged without resorting to mindless videos or cartoons.  It was designed with every parent in mind and for every family to enjoy.  Featuring an interchangeable collection of engaging puzzles and activities, the NugLug is appropriate for a range of ages.  It is compact, light, easily packed and easily enjoyed in a wide variety of travel scenarios.

* images below are prototype only, final product may look different



Age appropriate puzzles to promote physical, cognitive, and emotional skills


Building board that fits all of your children's modular brick products to encourage problem solving and promote fine motor skills


Let their creativity soar with the whiteboard, chalkboard, and paper attachment

The story of Nug + Tater


What's included with my order?
You will receive the base kit and all existing accessories. The first 100 orders will also receive some special surprises.

When will my purchase be delivered?
We are currently in the prototype phase of our TECH FREE modern travel entertainment system.  While we can't give you an exact time, we are as excited to get it in your hands as you are.  We hope to get the first 100 units to you this year. If at any time the wait become too long for you, we will refund your money. 

Can I order as a gift?
Yes!  Who wouldn't love to receive a product that might make traveling more fun!

Can my order be returned?
Yes!  If you are not 100% happy, you can return the item for a full refund.