The Story of Nug & Tater

Candice Walsh, the founder of Nug + Tater, is a full time working professional, full time mother, and an adventurer with a passion for travel. The name Nug + Tater is special to Candice as it was derived from her two daughters’ nicknames, Nug Nug and Tater Tot.

As any parent knows, the idea of traveling with children and the actual experience can be quite different. In 2020 all it took was one long flight, two cranky children, and a husband that couldn’t make the trip. This frustration fueled the spark that would eventually lead to Nug + Tater.

In this moment of clarity, Candice realized that her longtime sales experience, underutilized MBA, and simmering desire to pursue her entrepreneurial instincts, would go on to inspire her to create the Nug Lug.

Stay tuned for lots of great things happening in the near future.

XO- Candice

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